lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

Ready for Bremen!

Hi! today a part Redemption Team (Antonio, Federico and me - Marcello -) will travel to Bremen to take part at Vibration Tests and Integretion week! Unlucky our team leader Stefania will be not with us... It is very sad, but Stefania be sure our "stalking" activities will continue by phone ;)

Again thankyou to all the staff of Rexus/Bexus and to all others teams for all the fun


Today was the last day so we decided to make a tour for the city and our thinking is that you must to see Brema, especially in this period with the Xmas Market. We also find a nice pub were to spend evening with beer and a lot of fun! After that in the night I went to airport to return in Italy passing from Lithuania. Unluckly i knew that Federico and Antonio had some turbles with their flight for a snow-storm in Brema.


We just finished to perform some launch simulations. All was good for everybody! We still have some work to do before the banches tests of janary but we will do it at pur university. And now we are waiting for Xmas party organaised by Mark Fittock :)
The Party was absolutley incredible. A lot of fun a lot of beer, a lot of new friends. Sean from TELESCOBE team (our new friends, other member are Stephen and Jack) became also our "onorary" member. He also decided to be barman for one night! With us were also Adam and Malcom from Suaineadh Team


Today, with the stuff of Rexus/Bexus we assembeld all the experiment togheter and we checked again our comunication to be sure to don´t have interference. All was ok :) After that we did another test with a kind of personal launch simulation. Was really cool to ear "Redemption here there will be your ground station" :P Of course also this test was ok. Tomorrow we will have the launch simulation test and after, in the evening, the Xmas party all togheter! So what are you waitinfg for apply for an Rexus/Bexus program?


The X day... We affronted the big shaker. The scary test. But our Module did not have problem. We perform vibration test on Y, X and Z Axis. We lose only a screw and this is a big result, becouse we know the we forgot to fix that screw with the glue. Unuseful to say how much happy we were! We want say thanks to Hans and Natasha from Rexus/Bexus and the DLR staff of Vibration Laboratory. Were all very friendly and professional and we also have as gift a cool pen form the lab ;)


We worked hard to assemble the electronical part that was transported by Federico to avoid damege. We fixed all the cable, and we integrated the Redemption with the rocket Module. Now it has a cool blue skin. The view is amaying. Looks very pro. After that we checked that our electronics can comunicate in right way with the rocket interface. After some intial problem gived by some not functional channel of simulator and twisted cable we had a perfect telemetry! Now Redemption is ready for the big shaker! In the evening traditional german dinner all togheter!


My Hand-Bag...

The trip of me and Redemption was very long... a kind of odissey. We take the plane form Milano-Bergamo and we landed at Weeze-Dussendolf. From there we take the train, we change 4 trians ad we arrive in Bremen at 1.40 am... Luckly the hostel in which we sleeped was open and the recieption very friendly. some hour of sleep before an hard full work day.

venerdì 9 dicembre 2011

Ladies and Gentelman...

... let me introduce REDEMPTION!

This is our module in final configuration! Monday I will need to take the plane with him and I will try to pretend that it is only an handbag ;)

martedì 6 dicembre 2011

2000 hits!

We had 2000 visit! Thank you! We collect this visit with official counter, but we had also other 1200 "not official" visit before put the counter...

In this monent we are working hard to arrive in Brema for the vibration test and integration week with our module in "flight conditions". We are a good point, only few things still to fix. We did a great job. In few more photos ;) stay tuned!

giovedì 1 dicembre 2011



Ok guys we finished the EAR. The massage is: a lot to do but we can do. So never give up :) And we dom't want lose time to work. So for now bye. When we will have more free time i will upload more photos! Stay tuned!

Hi, Today we had the first part of EAR and tomorrow the second. As soon as possible i will give more news!

martedì 29 novembre 2011

"Launch simulations"

Hi! We are performing some "launch simulation" tests to prapare all for the EAR... We have some photos and videos. Unlucky i still didn't learn how to manipulate some as soon as possible i will post more video. For now just some photo and one video. And of course, today we recived the Bulkead. So we assembled the experiment on it ;)

Watch the video form the 1.05 minute. You can see the opening of Electrovalves thanks to the red-led, the spring that move pistons and water coming out from the mixer and go inside a plastic "bag" (we don't want use foam now... to much to clean after)

giovedì 17 novembre 2011

Redemption presented at SEMWO 2011

Hi, I'm writing from Lithuania! Tomorrow i will present REDEMPTION experiment at SEMWO conference organized by Lithuanian Space Associaton. Lithuania is moving now first steps to ESA. The ambient here is amazing and presentations very interesting. I had also a plesure to see a Cosmonaut (Igor Volk) and Astronaut (Karol J. Bobkoo) speak togher here! It is not also usual make photos with them (I cutted my hair ;) ) !

I want say thank you to LSA for this opportunity in particular to Paulius Lucinskas for his support!

And of course Redemption presentation held by me was very good. IKI ;)

venerdì 11 novembre 2011

Moving forward!

HI, today we assembled all the mechanical part of redemption, the antileak system and we tested also teh position of cameras.

We performed also the famous "lightin test" to check the light supllied by leds and their position to don't have problems with cameras.
All was ok! In the video you can see the test from cameras, inside the experiment. In the last camera seems that we have a bad focus but is only fault of protective film that we left on the policarbonate-antileak :)

giovedì 10 novembre 2011

Vacuum tests ;)

Today thanks to Duna Corradini, we performed some vacuum tests on our systems. We tested a full functional test cell equipped with heater, termo-resistor, Thermal cutter, electrovalves and fixed connector to not to have leak. All worked proprely !!! :P

We also tried our video recorder and camera that thanks to ESA we just had. Unluckily we had only one SD, so we preferred not to make any photos and to record a video during the test... The video will be uploaded as soon as possible... it takes time to do that

As promised  some video of vacuum chamber test! Working experiment and cameras POV

Video recorder inside vacuum chamber POV

Happy faces after succesfull experiments! In this video you can see The Great Max(whit white professional "dress") and Niccolò our onorary member ;)

martedì 8 novembre 2011

Bilkhead assembly and "gravity" test

Some more photo of the bulkhead assembly... we performed also a "gravity" test! The day is not yet finish, stay tuned for more advanced news ;)

PS Polycarbonate looks not clear only because we left on it the protection film :)

And now Cabling test :)

giovedì 3 novembre 2011

Antileak system suplier!

Hi! We want to say thank you to MARECO PLASTIC which provided us materials for our polycarbonate antileak system! It's a new cooperation that we are very happy about!

And last week i went to meet our electronics chief! Gian Paolo! Here you can see a photo. Redemption Team Italy-Spain!

venerdì 21 ottobre 2011

Pre IPR Work

Hi, after the mail that we had officially passed the IPR we show you some photos of the night&day work before the reviews :) enjoy... You can see how the disorder of the table grow with the pass of the time...

mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

Work in progress...

After IPR we are moving forward! For example here you can see a photo of our PCB just assembled by our "Electronics MANICO" Gian Paolo ;)

lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

Working for EAR ;)

After the IPR we are working for EAR! The work is a lot but we are very happy and proud to do that. In the nexts days we hope to share more photo and video!

Thanks to Fabio De Pascale for help and supporting!

lunedì 10 ottobre 2011

Redemption team getting older... Happy Birthday Stefy!

Yesterday was Stefania's birthday... Everybody forgot it. We are real sorry but it is not all our fault... this is the price to don't have a facebook account! :P

domenica 9 ottobre 2011

HQ video of Redemption test

As promised and thanks to Dr Lorenzo Pinna, we  can show a HQ video of our experiment.

In this video it is possible to see the “thermal cutter” at work, cutting the dynema safety wire, then the spring is released and just a second after the valves open allowing the fluids to pass through the mixer and start a reaction. Hope you enjoy watching it! ;)

Redemption @ IAC2011 IAF Confernece !!!

From 3 to 7 october in Southafrica, Capetown, IAC2011, the IAF conference was held. During this conference an article about REDEMPTION was presented. We are very proud of this. All space scientific comunity now know about us!

venerdì 23 settembre 2011

New contacts!


To increase our possibility of comunications we activated a Skype account and the possibility to donate money for our project with PayPal! Also 1 euro is important: we can use that to make calls (by Skype) or take coffe for work! you can find both here on right ;)

This will allow you to support us also if you are not a big enterprise or also show to us only your sympathy!!!


Mark's IPR and news

Hi! We had a very busy week... but one thing at a time:

On monday (19th) Mark Uitendaal has came here and did the IPR. We worked a lot and made some functional tests before Mark, but when he was there something was wrong, and the foam did not came out from the testcell. After investigation we discovered that we ruined an electrovalve and also one heater was ruined. ACL (valves supplier) has sent us the replace very fast and we veryfied that all works perfectly.
We were very sad for the failure of the test and because some parts were not yet arrived, but anyway we will have another IPR by Fabio De Pascale around 10th of October, and "failure is not an option" (cit).

Anyway thank you Mark for your visit and your support! ;) we are very sorry that you didn't see the working experiment. We are grateful for your patience and comprehension.

On Thursday Lorenzo Pinna has came here. Lorenzo is probably the most important italian author of documentaries. He works for the scientific tv program Super Quark, that is broadcasted by RAI (national italian television). Here in Italy it is a very important show and he is like an instituion.
We explained all our experiment and we did also the demonstration that we failed with Mark. But this time was all ok!!!! Experiment success!!!! And if everything will go well, his television team will come in Kiruna to take a video of our launch and use it in a documentary on space debris!!!

We would really like to thank Lorenzo for his interest in our activity and his patience and his disponibility. For all of us, as we followed his documentaries from childhood, is like a rockstar and having him here was really a pleasure and honor. We hope he will be back soon!

So here you can see the video of the experiment. Soon we will have more video made by Lorenzo ;) stay tuned!

Ah! almost forgot.. the national radio Radio Capital called Niccolò Bellini, who also works in our laboratory on space debris tracking (and also almost with us) for an interview about NASA's satellite that will fall down (probably also in Italy). He didn't forget to speak about REDEMPTION. Unfortunately a "technical problem" cut down the call before that I was able to speak

lunedì 12 settembre 2011


.... this is the comment about our connector from the man that made it

And as you can see form this photo he is right. These are probably the more complicated parts of our experiment. When closing, these three parts will form the connector which will allow the passage of fluids between electrovalves and mixer. It is a very importan part for us. We have already started to test this.

And an other good notice is that we have all mechanical parts. So we started the REDEMTION assembly :)

Maybe with this picture will be more clear how is made our foam actuator

martedì 6 settembre 2011



No, we dind't escape in Santo Domingo. We are still here and working for IPR. We are very busy testing our systems and going to catch last components.

Unluckly in these days nobady has photocamera. But promise that soon we will give somo photos for you!

byebye ;)

giovedì 11 agosto 2011



Our university and our facilities are closed for summer pause. Anyway these are not only holidays. We worked hard on the SED (yes we were in late... to much exams at university in last period), we worked for procurements and for new outreach approach.

Maybe maybe if all will be ok we will have also a little documentary on our work! :) :) :)

For now is all. For pepole that are in holiday we wish a nice summer time!

See you soon!

giovedì 21 luglio 2011



Recently we had a little article about us on web site of ANSA. Ansa is the most important italian news-agency. The result is that a lot of websites and some newspapers reported the news!!!

So now is very simple to find news about Redemption in web. We are trying to collect the websites and newspapers that spoke about Redemption but is quite difficult to find all. Here you can find some:

This is the ANSA article in reduced version. The original extended is not anymore aviable:


And now some other links.. enjoy ;)


IL RESTO DEL CARLINO Of this newspaper we had also the paper format












In late but... Good Luck Adam!

Hi! No we didn't forgot about you... only a lot of things to do and we didn't have time.

We know that working period at ESA for Adam Lambert is finished.

We want really to thank Adam for all the support and help that he given to our team and in general in all REXUS/BEXUS program.

Adam THANK YOU, we wish all the best for you and we hope to see you soon again in some space program and in general to meet you again in somewhere! Good Luck!!!!

venerdì 8 luglio 2011

Thermal test from freezing condotions!

Hello, i'm performing in this moments the heating test on the "test cell" with liquids.

We are simulating the warm up procedure on "Kiruna Conditions"!

Reached the lower temperature in our faculty freezer: the fluids was at -19.2°C

I just turned on the heater... we will see what will happen! It's a pity don't have a spycam inside the freezer ;)

lunedì 4 luglio 2011


Hallo, Today we performed some test with heaters to define the temperature requirements and design

We are very happy. Heaters work as expected. Today with 5w we had a DeltaT of 40 degrees on fluids. In next days we will perform simulations of warming-up from ice-condition! Stay tuned!

venerdì 24 giugno 2011


Thanks to FrancoCorradi today we recived our trial heaters that will allow us to perform several tests and simulations.

We are truly grateful to FrancoCorradi for their willingness and patience towards us

domenica 19 giugno 2011

Soldering Course at ESTEC

Hi everybody!
I'm Federico Romei and I successful completed the soldering course at ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology Centre, which is the largest site and the technical heart of ESA.
It has been a wonderful experience even if developed in only two days...

Holland from the airplane

DAY 0, 06/14/2011:
I arrived at the beautiful town of Noordwijk, where the north sea laps the town’s shores. At the hotel, I knew the other five guys attending the course.

Leiden train station

Leiden's wind mill, that's Holland!

North sea at Noordwijk

DAY 1, 06/15/2011:
We arrived at ESTEC by taxi. The first impression was beautiful. It's an amazing center with people from all over the Europe. Even if it's a very big center it's easy to understand. Each facility is particular and different from the other, starting from the restaurant!

At 8:45 a.m. we met our instructor, Jason Page. Since the beginning the aim of the course was clear: practice, practice and... practice! In fact, after only one hour and half of slides show, Jason carried us to the laboratory where we worked till the end of the course.
The laboratory was great, professional and everything was available for us! Step by step Jason shown us several techniques and tricks to achieve the best PTH components soldering.

The lunch break was funny, all together in that strange huge restaurant.

Stairs to the lab

Our astronaut Roberto Vittori

DAY 2, 06/16/2011:
The second and last day was all aimed to practice. Particularly we worked with the SMD components and it has been shown several tricks concerning coaxiale cable termination, completion of the test board and inspection.

Following some photos of my electronic board.

It has been an unique experience, because of the professionalism and the clarity with which Jason Page taught to us.
Thanks again to Jason and see you soon guys!

There's too much bicycles in Amsterdam!