domenica 19 giugno 2011

Soldering Course at ESTEC

Hi everybody!
I'm Federico Romei and I successful completed the soldering course at ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology Centre, which is the largest site and the technical heart of ESA.
It has been a wonderful experience even if developed in only two days...

Holland from the airplane

DAY 0, 06/14/2011:
I arrived at the beautiful town of Noordwijk, where the north sea laps the town’s shores. At the hotel, I knew the other five guys attending the course.

Leiden train station

Leiden's wind mill, that's Holland!

North sea at Noordwijk

DAY 1, 06/15/2011:
We arrived at ESTEC by taxi. The first impression was beautiful. It's an amazing center with people from all over the Europe. Even if it's a very big center it's easy to understand. Each facility is particular and different from the other, starting from the restaurant!

At 8:45 a.m. we met our instructor, Jason Page. Since the beginning the aim of the course was clear: practice, practice and... practice! In fact, after only one hour and half of slides show, Jason carried us to the laboratory where we worked till the end of the course.
The laboratory was great, professional and everything was available for us! Step by step Jason shown us several techniques and tricks to achieve the best PTH components soldering.

The lunch break was funny, all together in that strange huge restaurant.

Stairs to the lab

Our astronaut Roberto Vittori

DAY 2, 06/16/2011:
The second and last day was all aimed to practice. Particularly we worked with the SMD components and it has been shown several tricks concerning coaxiale cable termination, completion of the test board and inspection.

Following some photos of my electronic board.

It has been an unique experience, because of the professionalism and the clarity with which Jason Page taught to us.
Thanks again to Jason and see you soon guys!

There's too much bicycles in Amsterdam!

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