venerdì 23 settembre 2011

New contacts!


To increase our possibility of comunications we activated a Skype account and the possibility to donate money for our project with PayPal! Also 1 euro is important: we can use that to make calls (by Skype) or take coffe for work! you can find both here on right ;)

This will allow you to support us also if you are not a big enterprise or also show to us only your sympathy!!!


Mark's IPR and news

Hi! We had a very busy week... but one thing at a time:

On monday (19th) Mark Uitendaal has came here and did the IPR. We worked a lot and made some functional tests before Mark, but when he was there something was wrong, and the foam did not came out from the testcell. After investigation we discovered that we ruined an electrovalve and also one heater was ruined. ACL (valves supplier) has sent us the replace very fast and we veryfied that all works perfectly.
We were very sad for the failure of the test and because some parts were not yet arrived, but anyway we will have another IPR by Fabio De Pascale around 10th of October, and "failure is not an option" (cit).

Anyway thank you Mark for your visit and your support! ;) we are very sorry that you didn't see the working experiment. We are grateful for your patience and comprehension.

On Thursday Lorenzo Pinna has came here. Lorenzo is probably the most important italian author of documentaries. He works for the scientific tv program Super Quark, that is broadcasted by RAI (national italian television). Here in Italy it is a very important show and he is like an instituion.
We explained all our experiment and we did also the demonstration that we failed with Mark. But this time was all ok!!!! Experiment success!!!! And if everything will go well, his television team will come in Kiruna to take a video of our launch and use it in a documentary on space debris!!!

We would really like to thank Lorenzo for his interest in our activity and his patience and his disponibility. For all of us, as we followed his documentaries from childhood, is like a rockstar and having him here was really a pleasure and honor. We hope he will be back soon!

So here you can see the video of the experiment. Soon we will have more video made by Lorenzo ;) stay tuned!

Ah! almost forgot.. the national radio Radio Capital called Niccolò Bellini, who also works in our laboratory on space debris tracking (and also almost with us) for an interview about NASA's satellite that will fall down (probably also in Italy). He didn't forget to speak about REDEMPTION. Unfortunately a "technical problem" cut down the call before that I was able to speak

lunedì 12 settembre 2011


.... this is the comment about our connector from the man that made it

And as you can see form this photo he is right. These are probably the more complicated parts of our experiment. When closing, these three parts will form the connector which will allow the passage of fluids between electrovalves and mixer. It is a very importan part for us. We have already started to test this.

And an other good notice is that we have all mechanical parts. So we started the REDEMTION assembly :)

Maybe with this picture will be more clear how is made our foam actuator

martedì 6 settembre 2011



No, we dind't escape in Santo Domingo. We are still here and working for IPR. We are very busy testing our systems and going to catch last components.

Unluckly in these days nobady has photocamera. But promise that soon we will give somo photos for you!

byebye ;)