venerdì 21 ottobre 2011

Pre IPR Work

Hi, after the mail that we had officially passed the IPR we show you some photos of the night&day work before the reviews :) enjoy... You can see how the disorder of the table grow with the pass of the time...

mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

Work in progress...

After IPR we are moving forward! For example here you can see a photo of our PCB just assembled by our "Electronics MANICO" Gian Paolo ;)

lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

Working for EAR ;)

After the IPR we are working for EAR! The work is a lot but we are very happy and proud to do that. In the nexts days we hope to share more photo and video!

Thanks to Fabio De Pascale for help and supporting!

lunedì 10 ottobre 2011

Redemption team getting older... Happy Birthday Stefy!

Yesterday was Stefania's birthday... Everybody forgot it. We are real sorry but it is not all our fault... this is the price to don't have a facebook account! :P

domenica 9 ottobre 2011

HQ video of Redemption test

As promised and thanks to Dr Lorenzo Pinna, we  can show a HQ video of our experiment.

In this video it is possible to see the “thermal cutter” at work, cutting the dynema safety wire, then the spring is released and just a second after the valves open allowing the fluids to pass through the mixer and start a reaction. Hope you enjoy watching it! ;)

Redemption @ IAC2011 IAF Confernece !!!

From 3 to 7 october in Southafrica, Capetown, IAC2011, the IAF conference was held. During this conference an article about REDEMPTION was presented. We are very proud of this. All space scientific comunity now know about us!