mercoledì 19 dicembre 2012

Hi guys. Redemption2 has been not selected for the new Rexus 15/16 campaign. It is really a pity... but we can understand that also others have the right to have the same opportunities that we already had.

Anyway... good luck to all new teams!... but not so much. We will stay in stand by for some backup opportunities.. ;)

Thanks to all organizations that made possible this big adventure: ESA, DLR, SNSB, SSC, EUROLAUNCH, Rexus/Bexus Staff

A particular thanks to DLR MORABA's guys (one for all Alexander Schmidt)! It was a pleasure to have your special support, in particulary in the hours that followed the failure. We really appreciate it.

Thanks to all our supporters and technical sponsor: Duna Corradini, ACL electrovalves, Maxver, FrancoCorradi, MCMspa, Mareco plastic, Mollificio Modenese, DSX, Orsafoam

A big hug to our friends of SuperQuark (RAI1)

We will look around to put our experiment in some rocket.... if you have some free space, please contact us!

martedì 11 dicembre 2012

Hi. A part of Redemption2 team is in Noordwijk. Tomorrow we will have the presentation at ESA ESTEC center in front of Rexus / Bexus selection panel to try to have an other ride on Rexus rocket! Fingers crossed for us!

mercoledì 14 novembre 2012

Project countdown is running again

Hi! Our personal countdown of project's milestone is running again! You can check how much left to the next step! Countdown is on menù on the left.. ;)

venerdì 9 novembre 2012

The 22 of october we submitted a new application for Rexus/Bexus programme... and this morning we got a very nice email :)

We are very happy to comunicate that REDEMPTION 2, the new Redemption, has been invited for the selection workshop that will be held in the ESA ESTEC center! We will be in Noordwijk from 11 to 13 december! :D :D :D

venerdì 7 settembre 2012


Hello! Here you can find our 15 minutes of celebrity!!!

Inside the italian tv show Superquark transmitted on RAI1(first national italian channel)there was a piece on space debries and iside this was insert a breef report on our work :)

 Check it


 There is also the video of liftoff from the hill :)

giovedì 5 aprile 2012


Redemption want to be considered as backup experiment for Rexus 13/14. As already showed, it can be reconfigured to replace an experiment of any mass and dimension or in any position in the rocket (also nosecone) . Anyway we are seriusly thinking to reapply to Rexus / Bexus progrmme for Rexus 15/16... to be continued ... ;)

martedì 3 aprile 2012


Hi here some photos of ah Hypothetical configuration of Redemption in a smaller module and in lighter version, mass under 6kg. We can do it in 2 or 3 weeks using spare parts that we have from Redmeption 1

giovedì 29 marzo 2012


Redemption team is officially working on new design of Redemption to make it fit everywhere and have more chance to fly again... Name is still to decide: Redemption Lite, Redemption Limited Edition, Redemption 2.0 ...


Launch Campaign Rexus 11/12 - Redemption Official Photo Album -

Thanks to RAIN experiment for the photo of the launch and to ESA for the photo of our team in "control room"

lunedì 26 marzo 2012


Just returned in Itay. So strange to coming back again to a "normal life"... Anyway we want a lot to try to fly again and we will do all possible to do that. For this from the next week we will return to work to try a find the cause of the failure during the lift off and to work on the future design of our module.

venerdì 9 marzo 2012



Last day in Kiruna. Tomorrow morning at 7 we will have our flyback. In this Rexus / Bexus programm we had a lot of fun, a lot of new friends, a lot to learn. If I say that I have no words is reductive. Thanks to all Stuff of Rexus / Bexus, thanks to ESA, DLR, SSC, SNSB, EUROLAUNCH, Thanks to all Rexus 11/12 Teams! We will never forget this days.


On Monday 19 we had our ride on Rexus12 rocket!!!! But unlucly Redemption was powered off exactly at the moment of lift off. This is very sad. We lost our telemetry just after the lift off of the rocket and was not possibile to say if was working in flight. Also the DLR-MORABA guys that launched effectly the rocket had some problems and the payload landed without parachute. Was a big crash. When at the end they recovery the payload we discovered that Redemption didn't start. Most strange is that, from the plot of power consumption we just had a power off at liftoff. This is visible and clear from the plot and we never had again a power consuption during the flight. From our point of view is strange as after the crash we recovered a lot of experiment (almost all) and all works, cable and mechanics. Also the electronic mainboard, that is almost destroyed, when you give some power has a power counsuption. Unlucly after the crash is almost impossible to investigate about service module. For the moment it is all. We are all very sad and with a very bad mood because we can't see a valid cause for the failure.

We are still try to understand what happen to our experiment. For now we can say that at the moment of lift off our experiment was shutted off from something. We don't know what it was. But we can say what for sure was not: was not a short as that could be visible from telemetry of rocket, was not an our power cable disconnected as that one was still screwed in the connector and it works also now as still the connector work. Our electronic mainboard still have a power consuption if you give to it a power also after the crash. All mechanical parts are working also after the crash and the condictions of fluids were nominally for the experiment.

The flight for us was little but strange from the beggining. We lost the TV channel at the Test Countdown. This camera after the crash is still working. Others cameras inside the module worked but in SD card there are not videos of shaking or of start of shaking. So cameras tuned off just before Lift Off or in exact istant of LO. Off course these cameras are still working also after the crash.

Unluckly without the possibility to investigate on service module of the rocket (that was destroyed in the crash) is very difficolt were problem is started.

We will continue to invastigate in what happened

We hope anyway to fly again in the next Rexus launch campaign as a backup experiment or in some other way.

Anyway in the next days I will try to upload photos and video form this incredible and beutyfull experience.

DAY 10
Ciao! An other day off for us! WE spend to go to see a fiordo in Norway just 3 hours of driving from kiruna. But of course was not a free day for crew and staff of Rexus / Bexus. They worked hard and now both rockets are ready. We will have our ride in Rexus12. The most important news THE LAUNCH CAN WILL BE TOMORROW AFTER 13. Maybe will be in straming also SO stay tuned for very cool news ;)

Free day! We went to Kiruna to have a tour and we had a drink in the Ice Hotel! And this evening St Patrick party!!

The payload for Rexus12 is ready and full integrated! In the evening some beers with friends!

REDEMPTION was totally rebuilt, integrated and close in the skin. Experiment is ready for fly. This work take all the day and the night. We had an half heart attack as our PCB was not working... but we only forgot to do the reset :) so all was ok. And in the morning to time to sleep because we needed to done the banches tests and the countodwn. But this is nice. All worked. All is ready

Full work day. Just some minor work but that took time. Tomorrow for us will be a very busy day, we will fill the cartrdige with our fluids and we will rebuilt for totatl Redemption! This will take time and a lot of concentration... but we are also very exited. Today we also knew the data of the launch. Tuesday. So you can see the new "countdown" in the menu here in the right! Sorry. Not yet the photo... we will try to upload as soon as possible.. but you know now the time is not so much! But in the next days for sure you will have!

Today all the teams are arrived! So nice to see again so many new friends! And are arrived also Stefania and Federico!!! Now we are all togheter. This day we also just finished some works and from tomorrow the reassembling of Redemption will began "serious". We had also a instrument to check the umidity in our "clean room". Also we had the permission to put some more photo! So... follow us, tomorrow you will have some nice shots! Good night!

Hi! The work is going very good, we are faster than expetcted this means that we can make all things with calm, but also that probably tomorrow me and Antonio will finish the our work of deassembling, cleaning and preassebling. Tomorrow in late evening will arrive also Federico and Stefania and we will be ready for final assembling of Redemption :)
This evening are arrived also some others teams: ADIOS, RAIN and SUAINEADH. Welcome guys!

And this evening we also saw a incredible Aurora. And phto are much more better!

And yeah, about photos. I still didn't put image of base and so on, becoause for now seems it is forbidden. If I will can, for sure, you will have more stuff ;)

Full Working day! This morning we start to work serius on Redemption. We checked the experiment, if all was in order. We connected the experiment with Rexus simulator. And tryed some cicle. All was just fine. After we start to dissasmble for all day. We cleaned a prat of cartridge from old liquids. It's a difficult operation, quite long. We need to be very carefull to don't compromize the next experiement. We just finished. Rexus/Bexus staff is very nice with us. The give to us a chemical room for our stuff with controlled umidity. Very professional.


Redemption (half)team is in Kiruna at ESRANGE base. We had a plasure to watch the aurora from the plane. Just impossible describe it! Today we checked the liquids of our foam and its are here safe! Very good! Just a little problem with our "space bag". It is arrived tottaly destroyed. We are checking our tools to see if all work. As soon as possible some photo here and in the blog!

Today are arrived also Mark and Mark with the rocket! So we take our module to start to work on it. And during the evening we saw a very powerfull and nice Aurora! Amaizing. I tried to make some photo but unlucky i need to learn more about such kind of foto... anyway this is the result :)

mercoledì 7 marzo 2012


HI from tomorrow me (Marcello) and Antonio we will be in Kiruna!!!! We will arrive at 22.10 and we will start to work to clean Redemption module!

As soon as possible will be uploaded the photos of the trip! For now 2 photos of our "space bag"

Check daily our blog for amaizing photos from ESRANGE launch site and (we hope) nice photos of aurora!

domenica 4 marzo 2012

Very low budget tshirt

Here a photo of our very low budget T-shirts. ;)

I hope in future we will have also a more "professional" type

sabato 3 marzo 2012


Hi Guys! Here just a little interview from online magazine of physic departmentof University of Milan. Sorry but it is only in italian

All team is preparing to trip to Kiruna at ESRANGE base. Stay tuned. In the next days more news from us ;)

lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

On the benches!

Hi guys! From tomorrow we will be again at DLR center of Oberpfaffenhofen for banch and spinning tests of our experiment!

As always form tomorrow there will be a day by day report and photos of events! Stay tuned!

This is our Laboratory and our module... all in one bag!

After 8 hours in one really comfortable train we arrived in Steinbach from Bologna. We had just time to have an incredible dinner and to greets some friend of REXUS/BEXUS programme. The evening is finished with Nik and Faabian in our room taking some beer.

Today after we arrived in DLR we tested our electronics, communications and telemetry with the service module that will fly with our rocket. All gone well and we didn't have any problems! Only a pity to don't have Wifi inside the laboratory but this is necessary for safety. So the updates will be less frequently and only in the evening.

Today after that all experiment were ready and integrated also with service module and the rocket connected with the recovery module were made 2 countdown. One cold and one hot with all experiments running. It's means also our foam. This means that we removed the safety plug to arm the springs and electrovalves. Unluckly we had some problems. Our experiment worked as epected in all mecchanical and electronical parts... but we had a problem with the reaction. The good side of the thing is that we know the problem and how solve as those problem was our fault. We undervaluated some conditions. After a little speaking with the panel of Rexus/Bexus programme we had the ok for the launch! It's means that we will be in Kiruna!
Day is finished eating all toghether and with an afterdinner in the room of SOMID team drinking all togheter!

Wekeend! We were already near Munich, so why don't spend these days enjoyning the city? We also visited the science and technical museum with TELESCOBE ans SHUANEED teams. After these 2 days Redemption team is returned to home ready for work for launch!

And don't forget our official facebook page!

sabato 14 gennaio 2012

New year New fb page

Hello, we have a new page on fb! Check it and like! Next week we will be again at DLR near Munich for the bacnhes tests! Follow us!