mercoledì 19 dicembre 2012

Hi guys. Redemption2 has been not selected for the new Rexus 15/16 campaign. It is really a pity... but we can understand that also others have the right to have the same opportunities that we already had.

Anyway... good luck to all new teams!... but not so much. We will stay in stand by for some backup opportunities.. ;)

Thanks to all organizations that made possible this big adventure: ESA, DLR, SNSB, SSC, EUROLAUNCH, Rexus/Bexus Staff

A particular thanks to DLR MORABA's guys (one for all Alexander Schmidt)! It was a pleasure to have your special support, in particulary in the hours that followed the failure. We really appreciate it.

Thanks to all our supporters and technical sponsor: Duna Corradini, ACL electrovalves, Maxver, FrancoCorradi, MCMspa, Mareco plastic, Mollificio Modenese, DSX, Orsafoam

A big hug to our friends of SuperQuark (RAI1)

We will look around to put our experiment in some rocket.... if you have some free space, please contact us!

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