giovedì 10 novembre 2011

Vacuum tests ;)

Today thanks to Duna Corradini, we performed some vacuum tests on our systems. We tested a full functional test cell equipped with heater, termo-resistor, Thermal cutter, electrovalves and fixed connector to not to have leak. All worked proprely !!! :P

We also tried our video recorder and camera that thanks to ESA we just had. Unluckily we had only one SD, so we preferred not to make any photos and to record a video during the test... The video will be uploaded as soon as possible... it takes time to do that

As promised  some video of vacuum chamber test! Working experiment and cameras POV

Video recorder inside vacuum chamber POV

Happy faces after succesfull experiments! In this video you can see The Great Max(whit white professional "dress") and Niccolò our onorary member ;)

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