domenica 6 febbraio 2011

PDR and Training Week!

Follow our adventure to the Preliminary Design Reiew and Training Week @ O'pfaffenhofen in Germany, near Munich at DLR center, from 6th to 11th of February. We will upload news every day! Stay tuned!

We returned in Italy and now we are at home.
Thank to everybody for this incredible and special week. We already miss you!
Here some photos from visit to museum, dinner and party of fifth day! A PRESTO!

7.08 Shower line...
13.34 Very interesting morning. Nice lesson. Now we are ready to talk about the rocket setup for experiments
17:00 Just returned from visit to DLR Robotics Lab( I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...) and Hangar where there are some planes for atmospheric research. Now we are looking presentation of experiments for Bexus
18.00 Now we will go to see the museum of aviation and after last dinner and final party. Unlucky tomorow REDEMPTION TEAM will be not here becouse our back trip is not compatible with time table of last day ;( ;( ;(
19.00 The dinner in the aviation museum was amazing, and after thatwe had a very nice party with others rexus/bexus groups!

10.46 PDR TIME! Just made the PDR!
13.30 After our PDR we visited facilities of DLR! Really amaizing!
16.00 Visit to Columbus Space mission Control!!!!!
17.00 Project presentation to other students group. This time no tension and all funny!
19.00 Returned to hotel... and this evening Munich at last!!!


7:13 Good Morning! In few time we will have braekfast and after we will go to DLR for second day of training and PDR
13:00 Very good lunch break at DLR. We are happy to know that our friend of Padua Univeristy(Italy) had a good PDR for their experiment ARCADE for Bexus baloon. Great job!
14.55 Today the training is almost all for the guys of Bexus (the Baloon). So here some photos of the "gondola" where experiments will be charged and photos of the little workshop that those guys are making now as training!
16:50 Our blog is now on air for Outreach Workshop ;)


7.44 Ready to take breakfast and go to DLR center... see you later guys!
13.00 lunch break at DLR!!! HEre some photo from "training" morning
21.24 We have just come back to the hotel after a dinner in a very nice place near an old abbey. Good food, good beer, good company! And now we are stil revising and maybe after again beer! We just love Bavarian lifestyle!!!


15.27 JUST ARRIVED AT HOTEL! Very nice place! In short time we will go to take a tour in Munich!
22.48 After checked the train table we prefered to stay in the Stenebach and take a beer... maybe more than one. Now we are revising the presentation...

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